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Logs 17-19 inc special EMR log

Spacial EMR log
Friday 17th : 7290  for radio City 1931 with signal S7 , strong QRM from CRi on 7295  of s20 . 1368  QRMed by Ellines Radio a local pirate
Sat 18 : 7265 with QRM from a FSK  signal on lower  side Best reception on  7266 with narrow band filter
9835 RTM Sarawak  now bak 1935 with songs kau pergi jua At 2105  with signal <S2
6155  BLR? 1950 Y:with talks in English but under modulated then a song 32242 using Narrow band filter  S10
6300 pirate 2008 with sinal S3-4
5964.7 Klasik Malaysia 2011 with a song from Saleem S3-5 22342
9770  AWWR Dvula with signal S10 .Mentions of Daniel
7470  ORNK  2021  talks by OM and YL ON 2024 a mysterious  song  Seems  under modulated signal S2
7220  VoV 2030 with prg in Eng and with ID S4 poor audio
9515 Dardarsha 2033 OM speaking , seems religious saluting as walaikum then YL into talks  ID Dardarsha Most of the program after 2040 is addresses of the station web address etc SMS  sudden off 2045
9840  WHRI 2049  QRMing Vo Korea in Arabic with a signal of S5 max Program of To Ministry. IS Signal of VoK after WHRIS sign off  till 2102  
9500 R Australia 2117 mentioning R Geographic wit a discussion  S3 max
9550 VoV 2123  with song , strong Chinese intonation  S5
9565 AWR per EIbi 2139 with  trad song  YL  with slow talks  Signal max S7
9530 HCJB ? in Pulaar with talks by YL then a  song based in a traditional  stringed instrument At 22  with info in French Arabic and local  with address in France
9595 Nikkei 2206 tals in Japanese S5 max
9629.78 Aparecida 2203 with talk in PP then a song then ID  ‘parecida ‘ then back to talks on 2216 S5 max
4760 supposedly this must be ELWA on 2210-15  Low  modulation
Sat 18th
9635 Mali 0810  has been fond with only carrier (nearly no modulation  )S3 only
6095 KBC 0902  with pop song S5 ,ax
11980 Dniprovska Biyla 0903 news in seems Russian (mentions of BLR . UKR ) with short music breaks in between Marginal  mixed with another very poor carrier
9480  for EMR  , freq is  empty
951o for radio  city  the sigal is S20
21670  BSKSA  now R Saudi International 0957with talks in Indo , S3 only  ID this  way  then  a Indonesian song
13630 CVC Hindi 1014 with  YL: talking  in Hindi  , a po song surely named Janee Qu (this is not the typical Bollywood style !! )  then an advert  for a moblile phone Here you will find a  recording https://www.dropbox.com/s/f2t5aty90ea9n89/13630%201023%20180114.wma
9955 B Stair 1647 with a preast  asking questions on the  top of a public and talking very fanatically  S7
4765  Tajikistan 2303 with tajik songs S9
9705 AIR 2306 with prg in Enlgish  ID on 2310 by YL There is a  buzz heard in obth sidebands that fluctuates depending on modulation
6300 pirate on 2313 with old pops Also  another pirate on 6285  with a version  of besame mucho then a german song S3
6400 Pyongyang Pangsong 2315 Koran operas S5 QSB 2
4980 Xinjian PBS 2324 YL  with weather  repors S9 //3990 S10 but heard better
4800 CNR  still with good signal on 2325 at S9
5955 R Australia 2327 in Bamar  with ID  several times S5
9745  Kuanghua good on 2330 with signal S5
9720  R Veritas 2337 wit a pop song . There is a Chinese  intonation as the lang mentioned in Eibi is ‘BR’ (not Bamar I think )
9645  R Veritas 2347 in KC (Kachin?) with signal abt S3 with  two very nice voices from a  girl and a  young man Also IDed
4895 Mongolia 2356  O and YL in talks . poor audio though sinal is S7. Her is a  sample  http://www.ipernity.com/doc/zliangas/29759149
Sun 19th
9420 ERA 0003 with political talks and comments about ERT  S7
9265 WINB 0006  with a nice song  and talks about a broadcaster S3
9370 WWRB 0010  man in relig talks S1
9495 un IDed 0014  heard a guitar play , talks in Eng  then back to music S5

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Logs 11/1/13

All logs below are in 11/1/14 using the standard rig of R75  and 16 in V antenna 

11750  FEBC 1425 in p Lahu closing topic with amen A group singing  S5 mixing on 1429 with R Veritas  S9
17790 WRMI 1511 w relig prog Marginal signal
11995 Missionwerke 1526 ID in Russian with address etc sudden off 1527  S9
9955  CRI jammer 1528 against nipon no kaze  and signal S9
13800 Tamazuj 1528 w ID in Arabic At 1529 with ID  of Dabanga S20
15515  Cosmic Wave 1529 with talks in Eng till 1515 S5
9835 no trace of RTM Sarawak not even a carrier Does this mean  that RTM haas stopped here? It is possible that 11665  has some  but very low signal and stopped at 1600
9965  NIpon no kaze 15484 with phone ins in Japanese YL in talks 1551 a song S5 max 32433
6275  RFNK is at least QRMEd or possibly jammed Signal max S4
6315 pirate 1558 with song ‘it a shame’ and ID as Zirio (?)called from operator 33223
13740 HCJB Chechen 1618 with signal S5 QRMed by a mysterious buzzer
17850 for Oromo voice ?? 1623  with marginal  signal
 12105 Dialogue 1635 with  talks between man and woman in VN and English and mentioning Maala and a website  S7
9770 Ashna 1720 in  a pone in program The caler mentioned also stations  name Checked 1729  but signed off
6005 R700 1730 YL with religious talk in German  S5
17755  RNE  //17715  with sports program . Both are marginal  . Aimed to Africa
4880  SWR Africa 1820 quite strong today with S9 signal  . Heard also ID
3320 RSG 1828 heard with S2 signal ,  full of  QRM  from various operators
9800 Saw Linjila 1847 with prg ‘Ayeli na ayeli’  S7
6300  pirate , open carrier on 1855 with sporadic music playback and signal S6 ON 1859 a second pirate starts  program  on the same freq and signal S9 with immediate  60s program  Another pirate on 6291 with S3
5960 for Christian  radio sentinel in Russian with signal S20 . Piano play with mentions of Jerusalem (hence a religious program ) and God
15225 VoA  in French . A well known song from Phil Collins then talks by OM in French with several mentions of VoA and  song ‘take me home tonight’ (Meat Loaf???)S5  
15190 Pilipinas , marginal signal //9825 (slightly stronger  )
4835  Australia 1921  poor at S2  and interviews 24241
15190 WRMI 2010 with relig program with signal  max S5 

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Logs 4-6/1

Sat 4/1/14
7265 HLR 132  with talks in German  signal S3 mixed with a Hindi lang program  Air or possb CRI
7600  BBC 1614  with prg in Tamil  then s off S1 only
17830  1617  with HoA song  co ch QRM with carrier . then carrier changed into noise !! S4
7515 V martyrs? 1643  with just marginal  signal
9270  R tango ????? 1647 with old tango songs  S2
9745  at 1653 with Arab songs  and USB only  Bahrain is now back ??? Mixed with a carrier of S20 tyat gradually lowered to S7 on 1720   Also Sun 2113 good in USB with S5  and continuous jazz music for at least 15 mins
15310 Inyabutatu 1700  with hilife songs at 1704 with like talks by OM  signal just S1
11720  Asena 1704 S30 !  and talks by man
17790 WRMI 1707 with marginal signal

Sun 5/1/14
11665 supp Wai FM ? 1325  with  very marginal signal  and pop song 
9465 poss FEBC 1333  in CC Signal S5 in 16 H 
6095  KBC or Transport R  1338  with pop songs  S5 max 
6240  CNR jammer (?) 1340 with classical music S7 max  talks by man  tested to be in // with other CNR freqs 
9585 VoiRI 1352 with talks in JJ  Typical  trad Persian songs S3  max with low mod 
1185 serbia? 1356 with fokl songs signal  is S7 but quit steady  P=4 NO ID at ToH ! 
9775 RF Chosun 1415+ with discussions btw OM and YL possibly a theater play 1422  with a possible ID "radio Kpon Kmo"  S7 
11505  Bangladesh Betar 1426  with playback problems  songs of 50s or 60s ID etc in Urdu (= noticing Pakistan )and addresses S7 
7590 N F ref Radio 1432  lengthy discussions  btw two men 

MOn 6/1/14
9870 Vivid Bharati 1252 with old hindi songs S4 On 1300 mixed with  CRI in English 
9677 Ictimai per Eibi 1315 again head with garbled audio and signal  S6 . cuoldnt even understand that  there was  a song (seemed as  Turkic )
9380 N Korea REF  radio 1321  OM talking in Korean S9 Very lengthy talks 
4319  AFN 1825 with pop songs S1 
9525 RRI German program 1851 woman announcing the  next song called 'selamat jalan kekasih'  from Rita Effendy S9 


Δευτέρα, 6 Ιανουαρίου 2014

Fast bandscan Sat 28 in LItohoron using the PL880

Fast bandscan Sat 28 in Litohoron using the PL880

Have a nice and prosperous new Year !

9835 NHK 1750 poor
15825 WWCR 1751 poor
4980 Urumqi 1732 fair
4800 CNR 1733 good
4880 SWR Africa 174x good
4905 //4920 Xizang 1754 fair
5010 Malagasy? 1759 poor
11735 Tanzania 1800 fair
6235 V oR 1810 Arab good
6280 R Tango? 1815 fair
11730 BLR 1833 fair undermoded

Lgs 22-27 /12

LOGS 22/12
9975  1523 a song YL with talk in Korean  with possible ID and lengthy email and web list  ww.iach.??? at the end WHRI  asking for letter  S5  then sign off
9955  Nippon no kaze 1530 with ID then  news Possible jammer 
4810 Armenia 1531 with a hymn (anthem?) and talks in Arabic  web page www.armeradio   then song S9
11730 BLR 1600 news mixed with music Also 1615 with talks  but poor modulation
7600 BBC 1629 station’s IS then ID prg in Chichewa??? S5  QSB 2
7120 Somalia 1645 with HoA song  S6
9475 RA? 1655  YL talks and laughs then OM  singing , 1566  a carrier of 200 Hz on USB side . A sudden stop of talks  folweed by a IS . Then a ID of TWR  with signal S9
1568.2  on 1708 with a Slavic pirate wity Slavic songs
Logs 23/12
531 JIl FM on 1037  Signal S7  and ID as R Algeria
9560 VJPBS //11885 on 1126 discussions  S5
7310  R 700 1132  with German songs marginal
9420  is //1404 on 1140Z  and being ahead by ca  1 min . And a low QRM from  Urumqi
ON 2118 9420 has different   program than 1260 //1512 (ie with folk songs while MW outlets are  with old pops ) but is in parallel with 11530 and 7450
4750  CNR1 2127  with takls in CC Seems  top be 0,2 to 0,5 secs later than  4800
4885 Clube do Para 2130 with  signal S3  and discussions
4915  Macapa ???2137 very poor
6290  pirate 2141 oldies
Logs 24/12
7550  AIR after the news with traditional  sitar  play then  a  sudden signal off  S10
9835 RTM Sarawak  has  not been  heard  for some time (more than 2 weeks ) Did they stop? On 5965  the signal  is very poor  with just a carrier . IN contrast VoI on 9526  can be heard  with S9 signal (on the horizontal  antenna  or just S3  on the inv V antenna )
NDR  xmas eve  broadcasts : Time 1904-09
11955 S8
9925  -
9885  S4
9460 S9
6125 S9
Various news  mention of Jerusalem
Logs 25/12
4980  Xinjiang PBS 0023    S9
4895 Mongolia 0034  S5
7265 Hamburger Local radio  0935  with songs S2
9677 Talisistan  S7 with very garbled  audio . Difficult to recognize  the music !
Logs 26/12
9835  again nothing heard on 1910 . WHRI is heard with S5 max
7205  talks in German S3 only
11735  Tanzania 1926 normal prg with nasyid songs  S8
11765  RASD BR 1926  poor at S3