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1350: A mess frequency and many more interesting MW logs for 21.11 (with many audios!!)HOT! )

1350 Tibetan music 2027  with signal  up  to S7 Listen to a  recording
2029 from possibly same station in Chinese  here a rec: https://app.box.com/s/o0o3fkgsf5nyzl3cjg095ecjfkk8se6v
2135 Cairo with Arabic talks by  woman adn on 2148 with kuranic chants Here is a recording https://app.box.com/s/fca3dgsax1fxv7pvcowu1qp1sww98e0y
2211  I am radio with sogs and ID on 2212

Other interesting signals
hot case:
1560 unknown signal  from Americas? 2250 heard choruses of  religious type marginal signal at best. Faded out after 2255 having some co channel QRM . Here is a  rec . https://app.box.com/s/1fj5e3g7aygsotk3alfr8lj7f39xvqh7
Also on 1520 with signal traceable only via SSB

1566 HLAZ again 2141 mixed with Greek pirate who has audio a/o signal problems
1377 CNR-1  2152 in Chinese in sync  with 4800 and signal up to  S7 Some QRM from Halastra web radio 1368(nearby Thesaloniki )
Notice  that in points 022-027 there is sound from 4800

1512 Ardabil Iran with talks in Farsi mixed with  S ARABIA Quran chanting 2157

1206 Reshtet Bet 2105 with ID Reshet Bet Kol Israel in between news S5 with very slow fade
972  Greek pirate 2209 from poss. Thessaloniki with old songs and  S9 seems drifting to 967.9
837 Isfahan Iran 2234 with typical Persian instrumental style  song of traditional style  with talks over music on 2239. Signals up to S4 2238 mixed with COPE ? fade up
1557 Iran 2303 with phone ins and with woman in the mike S3 with little  QRM
1566 Challenger 2305 with pop songs S2 very rare signal here
1242 poss Oman 2310 with Arabic songs , unclear ID

Logs for 22/11
1610  unknown  signal from ?? 2251 with talks that seem  Eng  Her is a  rec https://app.box.com/s/frbz7uowntzwd1e00pcuhujskpaw4bsx on 2257 
1791 Slavic pirate on 2253 with S3 
1206 Reshet Bet on 2304 with a Greek song with Hebrew lyrics! S3

Log for 21.11 with audio:
1467.4 unIDed 2044 talk in Farsi heard a supposed R Kordestan on 2100 with another supposed ID as Sedaye Sahar but was under its QRMer

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vLogs for 18-11

QTH  information and noises

7530 Stream of  praise 2115 religious talks by man and woman in CC
7500 N Kora ref 2129 mixed signal with a a guitar palyed song with males singer  then off mod carrier still on 2132
4750 CNR 2134 with nice girly pop song 35  with advert in wuite noisey S5
4760 C+U  5 FGS in english 05674 65374 S9 max
9395 WRMI 2154 with pastor  then advert and web page then back to talks S7
9420 ERA 2102 with song 9935 is off
9980 WRMI? 2218 wmarches and tals in eng byman marginal
6730 CNR 2233 with news S2 max
6180 RN Amazonas? 2224 in Portuguese mentioning brazil then impossible ID 222810 or posibly promo hten back to iscssions betwen  two men  S9
5985 BrSt  mixed with CRI Japanese  with same signal level S8 max
5860 Farda 2243 ID  an music S 9

1695  Slavic pirate in QSO with another 2033  signals  S8 and S5
1467.4 unIDed 2044 talk in Farsi heard a supposed R kordestan on 2100 with anothr suposed suposed ID as sedaye sahar but was under its QRMer

Noon bandscan for 20-11 - very short time listening

QTH  information and noises

9630  CNR 1028 CNR  ads S3
9660 CNR 1028 ads S7
9690 CNR 1029 ads S9
9705 XJPBS 1029 YL singer S9
9750 KHN talks in JJ S7
9775 CNR CC adverts 1031 S5
9820 CNR1031 adverts  S10
9825 CNR 1031  talks 10
9880 CRI? 10 in CC  ID as "Beijing Guang Bo Dian Tai "
9930 WHRI 1033 YL in Englsih  with religious talks  S5
9950 farda 1033 alks in farsi FSK  carrie on USB S10
9530 CNR 1034  talks in CC S10
9485 HLR 1035 jaaz music S3
9400 Denge Kurdistan 1038  talks in Kurtdish S7
15030 pirate? 1043 with pp song ans sudden s off  again herd on 1057  tune in but 1105 was off

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1377CNR & 1368 VoA on 14.11

1377 CNR and 1368 VoA

1377  Once again heard CNR in sync with 4800 and clear signal up to S5 on 2135with a Chinese song then with talks
Recording is here in ca 2145 when the signal dropped to max S3 Liangas 1411.16

1368 Halastra web radio was off 2200 leaving Challenger radio and with ID on 2207 IT in cleat Here are  two audio clips with VoA one with ID ον 0010 Liangas 1411.16

Ν 1539  Βόρειος Ήχος 1220  πμ ΩΕ , για πρώτη φορά τον πετυχαίνω με  μια πραγματικά σοβαρη εκπομπή.Ο εκφωνητής με την πραγματικά ραδιοφωνική φωνή και ένα εξαιρετικο μουσικο πρόγραμμα με παλιά διεθνή τραγούδια  του 50-60 οπςς πχ Χατζηδάκη Liangas 1411.16

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Logs for Sunday 13-11/16

Look also some of my reception videos  https://www.youtube.com/user/zach0gr

This morning the band was mourning from local noise , ingition type at most while there was part of it inthe MW band.

9485 HLR via EMR./Gohren with a  poor carrier at 1005 under the severe local QRN it was  relatively difficult to be removed  even using noise blanker and playing with filter .

The same night here the strong nose was ceased and SW is good catch.
9715  VVB 1954 religious program in english mentioning  of Adam and J Christ  then   closing program with emails and web pages vvbrd.org

9710 Algerie? 1959 with imam preaching 2000 with talks in French but did nt find the  ID  except the 'international' on the end of ID Many  mentions on Sahara and once for Bosnia 2009 Program back to arabic with short talks then back to preaches.  S3

15130 NHK 2017 in Japanese  wth var program . in the freq there was a typical DSL buzer carrier that caused medium to severe QRM . S7

9955 R Japan 2030 in french with news about S Korea. then with headlines . Suposd to be KBS but heard the ID .

7077U operator 2045-47 music like FSK possibly very  slow Coquelet-type mode communication S5 and S2

MW listings

The band is less prone to the  strange ignition type noise and more pirate stations are heard quite well . There is only a  background noise , razor type that is audible in  all the bands peaking on 4-6 MHz  . It comes from the DSL teelphone lines and heard since 2006 when someone added DSL line.

1521 Epouranios 0910    radio pirate wth greek oldies of 60-70s  . discussed with him in the  phone for his signal level and then for a song dedicatiom S9 (new in my listing )

1305 Edison 0920 oldies . The same scene as with Epouranios S10.First time logged him

1386 Ftohopaido 0940 with oldies Also called them . Miss Maria was  on the phone and remembered  me after half minute of discussion . It was  too long since   we had discussion ie for at laet 4 years ! I asked also for a song dedication

Local night  time with nearly same noise levels:

1350 I m radio 2014 with its typical music of pop  70s and typical signal of S5 max Back 2110 with DX program in Italian till 2130

1550 RASD again 2053 with signal S3 to max S5 man singing and posibly palying a stringed instrument

1440 SABC? 2057 with S3 max with arabic song S1 then  soemthing that seesm as ID to me . News, first with headlines and meny times mentioning Medina. Clear in the freq.

1377 once gain with CNR unkown transmitter  though  reports show Lhasa. Signal is abt S3 mixed with another carrier into a co-QSB of ca 10 Hz and in synchro with 4800 .

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Rich MW logs for Mon/Tue 7-8/11 with audio links

Standard system R75 and 2x16 inv m

1566 HLAZ 1928 aleluyahs with signal S4 (poor) 1930  heard KOrean talks >mixd with greek  pirate into co-chanel QRM of  10Hz ripple faed out 1934 On tue head on 2025 with signal S3 max 5
1377 TWR 1941 with lengthy talks in Farsi .Cler freq. QRM frm 1368 now named Chalastra Web Radio (former Ellines Radio ) audio here on1959 https://app.box.com/s/8t372et4ge8l8lv03qmsgwfx2j7fibpy
1385 Radio Liberty 2002 in [Byelo]russian with arabic station under chanting KUran Condition same foe the nextday 2115
1278  UKraine 2009 rprogram 'UKraine iz mire' (UKrain in World ?)  Eugenia Kalaila is in the news S9
1377 Again with 'Sawt Al ailam'TWR 2020 with program 'Kalimat Ul Haqq  "with religious program and sigedn off 2102.anoher TWR station seems on the background !S 10
1350 greek pirate and 'I am radio' Italy  . I think i have hard both of them for longer than i expected ie more than 1 month . The greek station is from the WC Greece  and he is friend of me partially  networking with a  station from nearby our city. Itis funny to hear old buzuki songs mixed with old discos adni thought It was called Ireland radio . I am radio was clear on Tuesday and was heard with fair signal though QSB was 2 -3 with max S5 audible also  well on the An200 mini loop antenna .Now this station is onw of my two favorites on MW (with Jil )as it plays nice easy to liten songs godo for reading .
here are several audio links
https://app.box.com/s/o01fgx3rq8o2sl9us079vn8xcffy2a30  2204 8/11
https://app.box.com/s/mnkmgffpon5ea7avqedi3c5j5gchd1sb   2140 8/11
https://app.box.com/s/bpvka76nkppnzby6clkesqlrvy04v2q7 w2157 7/11 is the correct day
1404 ERA rel from Athens 2140 clar at S10 to 20 . First time to lsiten with so strong signal wiping out RRomAct .Next day signal is over RRom
1550 RASD did these two days its miracle  on 20+ . Its signal was up to S9 being nearly in the clear comapring to its nighbors of 1548 of ca S4 as top level . Manny refrences to Sahara and some IDs
https://app.box.com/s/pg32kqo3x4ys4kqu68ovvwefgrmcpeo0  reception on 2023


1602 Spanish (SER) mixed with local pirate called Tachidromos SER sometimes is in clear with news on 2114
1377 CNR Kashi? 2210 indentified in //4800 with signal S1-2 max but  has QRM from 1368 and 86
The recording has some adjustments between LSB and USB on 055
1449 Greek pirate mixed with RAI on 2219
1512 ERA is off this time leaving two arabic stations in the poor ,one with Imam chanting Koran (as per EMWG  Al kuran Al Karim)and anoter  with talks. EMWG  says IRIB Audio on 2259 here
although it seems that there was no ID on ToH on both stations
677.46 Arabic  posibly Libya Al Hurra per EMWG 2314 woman with talks,poss news with nice voice and intonation then with phone ins S8 off  675
764 Arab station (poss off 1 kHz )2318 with imam praying Only S1 POss Imam a Karim frm S.Arabia
540 An arabic sation with dance music mixed with spanish station on 2307  S5
Audio https://app.box.com/s/zc5eurw64x9z0emg2fnc6xigy510xl50

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logs for 29/10

4870.5 in Kurdish 1509 with very low modulation then with a song YL singer. Quite difficult to listen providing that high level of QRN suffers the audio
4810 Yerevan 1510 talk between  OM and YL something that seems theater with underground music . ON 15 with news mentioning Pakistan and Baluchistan 1545 in Greek mentioning the Turkish Armenian and involvement with human rights assn IMF in Greece end of program with Greek song of 90s
4765 Tajikistan 1517 OM with short speeches mixed with music , many mentions to Afghanistan then underground music changes S 8
6100 Afghanistan  is head only with a very poor carrier while checking on SSB on 1525
11540 ?? with talks in pustu /dari mixed with a local buzzer carrier 1535
11665 Wai FM / 1537 mixed with CRI? Japanese heard after 1600 with negaraku short talks and sign off Its signal is only S1
9835 Sarawak FM 1545marginal with songs S5
9800 Cairo > 1715 Turkish song , talk in Turkish S10 with big splatter by +/-15 KHz

Fast  search on 22 UTC
4775 2251with LA songs S3
4885 para 2254Brzil S4
4949.79 Angola 2253 music S2
6298 pirate 2255 S6
7780  WRMI 2213

Logs for 30/10

1550 RASD 2055 Arabic vocal songs that seem tribal reminds a bit the Ethiopian style Good at S5 only using Am narrow filter
1512 ERA Thess via Chania 2055 with only carrier , no mod S9
1502.8 RFE in Serbian 2059  with trad songs ToH with ID as R Svobdna Europa then with news ant ea referendum S9 QRM Italian station
1350 NPR ID 2103 news about bomb , Chinese authorities , Philippines  NY police S4 max
1053 LIbya 2105 with nice songs of  era 70s type OumKalsum God signal at S10
9955 WRMI? just marginal with talks 2108
15387.5 /15390/15500 /11685 on 2110 REE with sports talks Levels S5-9
9400 Denge Kurdistan ? 2142 language  seems Kurdish with discussions S10 Soff 2200
6060 2206 Man with public addressing in Arabic echoed and mentioned Sahara .
some Greeks  found on 1565 R Vasilia , 1143 and 1125 (these for first time )

and one for 31/10
9820 Deewa radio 1755 with talks seems Dari ID 1759 then with trad music filler on ToH

MIxed Logs for Sunday 6th (Nov 16)

sorted by time and writen very fast sory for typeos

21550  0901 church S1 max spur of 21560 >>vatican
21670 SABC prg in Indo 0907 mentioning telephone numbers 03737030 006808..27070 web page 0906 quran S6
15770 AIR 0916  in Indo with song then man with strange talking ans stopping many times S7
13090U greek pirate op QSOing , speaking obscurities !! 0925
15068 RTI Intl (sounded to me actually a free radio  ) transmitting  for 2 mins then  changed to 15059 and wandering carrier signal max S2
15170  0943 Hindi talks about Japan SBSS S9 (CRI? )

Greek pirate station on MW on 0900 with  their signals
1305 (5) 1368  (9) 1387 (9)1431 Uni (9)1440 (4) 1540 (3) 1557 (3)1575 (9)1602 (9) 1628(5)1641* (4)1700 x 2 (3)
* no mod

Twente  free radio from NL:  (0945-1000  )
6205 , 6220 , 6242, 6250, 6266 6280 6286 6305 6320 6350 6380 6400

9677 Talish etc 1002 YL with taks in Turkish or seemingly  Turkish S5 and garbled with spurs
9835 CNR1004 talk in CC S2 //9825  adverts

greek pirates on 1000
1301 1368 1385 1467 1585 1597 1649 16570 1686 1700
11430 CNR 1057 talks poss  news 2 max
11550 CNR 1058 jammer against SoH?  S5
21334,2 amateur with countdown numbers S4 others are abt S1
21285,5 1110 Jam 9A   CQ  contest
9510 1118 with Eng relig program S3 >>IRRS
9420 CNR 8 1122 news in  abt Turkiye S5
9705 XJPBS 1123 YL  news abt turkey S8
9750 NHK 1124 with discussions  in Jap S1 max
9875U  operators 1125  in Turkish ! Ican understand whay  they used a standard radio bans to communicate ....
9910 TWR 1128 with nice IS played in  guitar . Program in CC  ID ed as HUangshua GUuangbo diantai S9
9930 WHRI 1131 OM with religious program S5
9965 1208 excited people  S7
9990 Dewa ? 1208 LA style  Persian  song S7
15040 CNr jammer on 1218 against  AIR (seems  they aired CC program,that  time it was  music played)  s Signal S5 . ON 1253 only AIR was heard though CNR was again back on 15+

Greek pirates added on 1200
1260 1355 1440 1495 1520 1587   Off are 1305 1386

A poor carrier traced  on 15046  on 1218  Was it pirate?
7310 1220 mentioning R Australia S1 via mi amigo ?
7385 Xizang PBS 1223 talks in Tibetan S2
9835 adn 11665 RTM S  witrh just  trace of signal on 1225
15795  1228 with relig program Thanks for listening address in Lancaster TN 37085 Chicago S9 >WWCR
15480 TRT> 1240 prg in Turkish with music and talks S5
9645 CRI 1240 In English with travel and mentioning economic transition of the country S10
9620 1242  'belibeh sum boli' supposed song title from Indian religious song  in semitradtional melody HIndi program S10
9740 BBC1249  prg in English abot American elections, and Obama S5
9930 WHRI 1300 with news in Eng Trump  again attacking Hilary UNR Radio news and intl news from World vision signal up to S9
21560 Vatican   1309 talk in Italian on violene and trrosrism (deliberate typos) S1
21610 ToM 1311 man shouting as  he was  mad S6

Greek pirates on 1400
Found only these : 1260 1484 1368 1521 1540 1555 1575

15140 Oman 1359 with ID  in English . its  signal has something broken audio S10 . All time listened some 'hratches'   sounded
21505 SABC 1402 ID in arabic S5
15059 on 1429 pirate with ID  as RTI as sounded to me . IN just two moments he changed to 15059
15825 WWCR 1427 religious program S7
9745 Bahrain 1436 with traditional  song then YL taking and mentioning some countries as America S3
7615 1441 with 'hallelujah' of YMCA then talks in Korean  > V Wilderness
11470 CNR jammer against SoH  1454
15070 Cupid radio with great  signal since 15xx and various songs Many IDs after ca 1600  the sigal was dropped abruptly  though  seemed not to sign off   (not logged but  written now by memory )

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Logs for today 5/11

standard , pirate and via twente ...

One day i was alone in the house ! (just one day for only radio ..)
15240 R Australia? 0601 news just S1
15220 KBS 0602 news in FF mantioning also Xinjiang (or Shinjan?) and about KOrean Republic S10
15145 CRI 0606 Eng withtalks between O M And YL ,mailbox? S10
15120 CNR 0606 discussions and underground music S5
15125 CRI 0607 in spanish mentioning Libya SKoreaS10
15120 AIR? 1142 man singing o cahnting Islam Rashid ... Tara S5 >>SABC
7310 R700 1250 pop song S1-2 talks
7530 Farda ? 1631 with talks in Farsi >>BBC FS
7545 & 7565&7580 1632 CRI jammers of ca. S9
15124.03 CRi 1637 in arabic a balad song OM with emails and same info S7
7560 1805 with nice afghan (Indic type ) song S7 >>BBCDari
4557 VoPeople 1939 talks in korean mixed with NK noise jammer.
4949.7 Angola S4 with S3 QRN on 1950

Pirates and legal stations on predetermined band (manual sorting it was typed  in android using asimpe text editor )

6950 pirate 1617 songs S3
6267 ,6230 and 6305 pirates with signal below S5 under heavy QRN 1945
15037  got a traced * only carier on 0921 Also on 15043 and 15060   (* using SSB ) but unknown if they ewre hobbyist or jusst local
15040 CNR 1156 with CC song the taks byman and woman  in CC S5
15040  AIR 1242 Bolly 90s  S5 (both not onthe Eibi listing )
15070 Cupid radio 1507 ID and pop songs   sigal S7
15070.7 trace of carrier on 1624 unclear if comes from Cupid station was heard with fair signals till 1600 (i was  5 m far from playing radio )
21460  the supposed  first  hobbyist  radio staton noticed on was not heard on 08 neither on   09 (Cupid radio )
21470  BBC 1510 football playig  unID lang S5 >>Somali
21505 Ibrahim ? 1200 Arabic S5 , 1304 tribal style arabic song S5 >>BSKSA

and some Web SDR  on Twente on 1955-2015
4750 Bangla , chantings
4930 VoA Sao Tome S7
4949.7 Angola is marginal
6205 with S7 , 6230 (marg ) 6267 (S9 )