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Logs 25 th

Reception using Betron B25 in-earphones on R75 They offer a bit sharp sound without annoying . 

Hit logs:
9380 AIR 2005 Songs of old Bolywood of 70s  era. S4  tested with PL380  and is clear  up to 4 kHz bandwidth. In contrast to other freqs program is full of songs, Vivid Bharti style stoping on 2030 adn 2130  with   5 min news bulletins in Hindi and English respectively.   Heard ID on 2135 from the  English  bulletin. S5 on16 V antena 
Nice to listen  to an interesting music station of shortwaves as with Bharti

9780 QInghai PBS 2156 with one min lengthy music IS,  2200 clock , numerous IDs in Chnese and English   then YL with program schedule acompanied by  Starwars musc theme.S5 This is posibly the fist time listening to this station

other logs :
9325 Cairo ??   2004 undemoded and garbled S20 
9420 VoG2026 traditional greek songs S5 and QRM //9935 at 21xx 
9425 VoKorea 2026 with freqs in Eng short pause 2030 progam in Korean
11735  Tanzania 2044 with song and many phone ins Sounded  fast rippled mod possibly due to co ch QRM S10
9490 VOA Africa 205x in pres Hausa andon 214x in mixed local (>>BM therefre bambara?)  and French S10 
4724 USA ar encoded texts 
9820/9845/9860 /9900 CNR outlets on that part of the band 

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Logs fr 24th

Logs fr 24th
Heard with excellent quality but very cheap Betron B25  in-earphones:

9819.1 R 9/7 1939 talks strong QRMby CRI  in russian  on 9820
9400 CRI ? 1943 troobly audio about super computers  adnmentions of China 1946  hearing ToM S10
9390 R tailand 1945 VTP centre 'thai maazine' S10
9380   poss VId Bharti  1947 old Bolly songs of 70s 'shot bhrat' wwith song progam eachig follwed by sort description by woman in Hindi S 9 P3 9840 IRIB 1950 a violin play talks in English Iranian ,lo mod and trebly  S10max
Very happy if Bharti  is ow in this clear freq
9875 VoKOrea operas 1952 with a bit overload audio and talkks in English S9//12015
11765 SRDA 1956 with talks S5 only
4870 coded mesages 1958 in russian? ID ing with" ..turka troika zochin" then with the mesage that seems as numbers
1545 TWR? 2001in presume russian mentioning apokalypsis S20
7360 Vatican african english service 2013 with news from Africa S10 and web adress " avemaria.net "

also  tested RTM-S today 25th vua freemantle KIwi SdR  with s10 signal 45334

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Logs for 10 12 13 of May 17

10 May
9835 RTM Sarawak 1729 a song an advert  S5
9820 CNR 1722  talks by man in chinese a song S5 33333
9850 IRIB 1733 with nnews in German notics about Medina 1756 S20
9890 VoK 1814 operas man in Arabic  noise inside modulation S7 4x433
9910R Pilipinas 1816 two women taling in tagalog S8 max (SIO 252)
9965 Firedrake wth S20 signal in the clear in this frequency with stage melodies 45534
9390 Thailand 1846 language seems merely as VIetnamese than Thai with local version of the 60s  song "bikini". inprt then DJoined with a rock song . Woman then talking in more pure Thai S9 45544
9410 BBC 1849 with football news program S5  max only
9420 VoG 1854 with songs S5 32432

12 May
9610 1529 Hindi song of 60s S5 max 35533  Poss CRI Bengali ?
9550 VoViet 1530 talks in Viet S5 /16H
9835 RTM 1909 rock song S7 max
15230 RHC 2320 news in spanish about Fidel/USA  S3
4785.2  2321 talks in Spanish S3
4949.73 2323 LA style song  S5  Angola
5040 RHC 2323 news in English ID 2325 S2
6220 pirate 2329 rock song s3

13 May
7355 Brother stair  0723 religious  talks S5
9420 VoG 0724 with trad song /adverts S3 only
17530 IRIB 0726 ID in spanish then  with international newsS7 co-ch QRM
11530 Farda 0728 news in farsi then ID and adresses S5
9835 Xinjiang  0733 rock song Marginal signal talk  is less than 'barely identifiable'but sounds as Chinese Eibi does not refer it anymore. As far as  i know there was  Xinjiang  PBS in CC
11660 CRI 1253 CC  lesson program in Eglish  S2 only
11805  1256 talks and reports in bamar  mentions of democracy and moslems Passes  1300 withot ID S3 >>RFA
11825 FEBC in Khams (tib dialect) 1304 trad song then talks in tibetan  S1 only
11825 WEWN 1315 religius talks in EG signal just S1
6190 XJPBS 1652 uighur music program with short descriptions read by YL in between S9
6165 VoTurkey 1656 ID in Turkish then news S20
6070 1701 ID as '6070' passing over the song adn mentions about Eurovosion Song Contest

BTW : I dislike  the 17's  winning  song from Portugal based  in music terms HIs voce isin dysharmony with the music  . I prefer however the fat  man from Croatia with the double voices.ONce again the quite good  greek song was  below the middle as typical...

9745 Bahrain 1710 woman with talks in Arabic .many mentions on arabic and bernemig with a man  ( means transmisson afaik )
9665 Pyogyang Pangsong 1713 opera s . top singal at  this point  then  nearly vanished or just was the carrier ... S2

Grrrreek stations
11622.6 S3 harmonic of 1660.3 S30 on 0746 who signed of and returnd back a few minutes later

ERA  audible  on 729 1008 and 1404 on 0800

Greek pirates operating on rounded freqs :   1124 , 1223 ,1341 , 1386 , (1368 off), 1416 ,1431 at only S3,1460, 1476, 1521, 1539, 1550, 1565,1584,1593 1660

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Logs of 3,6,7 May

Logs of 3,6,7 May

Typed live in smartphne , edited and posted in tablet

3 5 17
Reception with PL380 in a very quiet park in LItohoron  (also QRN like )
6090 Kaduna? afgro songs 32,1700 "raklilu radio" ID th continues with sx then talks on hausa fair
Notice :someone asked me if it was Ethiopia . I have to advise anyone wathing this log that I  know well the language diferences between Hausa and Amharic but also   the music diferences bwtween  these two countries. I will try more tests  however for this freq as time and mood permits

6100 Arab sx,unIded lang seemed as Tibetan(?)  40 max fair  >> that time Eibi shows R Afganistan see another log below
4980 Xinjiang PBS  songs  and talks mix1706
4885 Echo of Hope talks in korean 1708 fair
4810 Yerevan 1709 talks in (unclear audio )? Good  >>>turkish
15420 Hindi talks relig 1710 good  >No entry on  eibi
9835 RTM marginal 1711
11600 Denge kurdistan 1712  ,political talks good
11680 CRII in Swahili  with ID local
11735 Tanzania  1715 with folks  man and woman  with talks . sound is 'rippled' fair
11930 TRT folk song1717 good
12150 Deewa talks in pushtu? 1721 good
9830 CNR1 1722 with pop song poor
9770 CRI in CA 1724 with talks by YL local
9740 KBS talks  in korean 1725 good
9730 VoVietnam in viet1727 talks music intervals fair
9660 Vatican 1729 IS English for Africa very  bad  pronuniation good.
7540 Azadi in farsi 1735 with news read by OM and YL mention of washingto  dc,,good

In Salonica using old analog Bolong radio with An200 loop antenna for MW :
774 Cairo  arab with modern arab sx 1914 fair ,problems weith audio as like  conneted via stream radio!
963 Rik 1924 nice old greek songs poor
999  TWR in ukr 1926 with a song followed with id and adress IS only once, 1930 prg in romanian w id then a relig song Good signal

In Salonica using old analog Bolong radio and 8  hor wire
7120 Somalia 1535 undermoded talks in Arabic then song Fair  . QRM from a russian am operator
7510  Vo Martyrs  1543 passionate talks by people , mixed with short  music paassages Fair
Writen previously as Wildernes  7150 . Erroe was due to typing of fat fingrs in a  4" smartphone
6100 R Afghanistan 1626  with Indian song 1630 change program with IS on 1630  in arabic  then with news of the region . fair at S9 max (using R75 )