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Logs 22/11/15

Malaysia 25 Years Survey    http://goo.gl/Pi87gp

11860  Sanaa  1812  discussions  Id …ke yemeniya  then news S4-5
11900 VoA 1856  HoA song , YL in Oromo? Mention of Sheikh Hussein , Somalia , meter band ,ID  VoA  then sign off
5010 Bata  is only marginal carrier  using SSB on 1900
6000 Adygey 1903  head with Tatar or Tajik like song  Max S7   strong QRN / and QRM  in the freq
7290  IRRS 1904 YL in a religious  program  counting on god , fair of S5  QRM 7255 CRI in English
4910 Yervan  1911 with a song  man with ID in arabic  S9
11530.03  REE  1917  with phone ins in Spanish S7/S3 QRN mentioning on history ,Bundesliga, 1923 intense talks
11670 RHC 1926  in Spanish 1930+  in Creole winning in signal over AIR over the half listening time .on using the 2 x16m  inv V dipole antenna   . on 16 H antenna  AIR is the real winner
11765  RSDA 1948  priest  in Portuguese of Brazil with sermon told by priest followed by another man talking more relaxed but mixed in between  S7
11780.14 R Amazonas 1950  with songs S3only
9819.27  R 9 / 7 is today in this  freq ! (1951)
9835 RTM –S 1954 with sweet Malay pops S43 max signal
9840 WHRI  with signal S5 on 1955  English program 

Malaysia 25 Years Survey    http://goo.gl/Pi87gp

7730 and 7800  Shiwang Zhishen on 1958 with soft music then  several ID s from  many people . Both of max of S3 , but have different fading patterns
Here is a  sample of 7730 :
Shiwang zheshen
5905 DWD (?) on C+USB 2013 woman talking numbers mentioning something as shortland , 3.5 M N 5-64 .  S7  strong QSB
6600 and 6518  VoPeople towards  N Korea is heard today  with low QRM from the north Korean noise jammer on 2008
6130 TWR in VN lang towards Angola with gospel songs giving address in Luanda , carte postale , music  then s off 2035
9730 Vo Vietnam 2042  in English with  news  S5
9700 R cairo ? 2044 in a totally garbled  audfio
9690 REE//11530  on 2046 with sports program (lively talks )S2 only

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Logs 12/11/15

6676.0  weather reports  in english 1714 till1716 then off S2  At 1732 another  station heard but signal is less than marginal
6730 CNR jammer 1733 is today 12 better than  yesterday 11 (see log on ) with S1  mas wit talks and music . recording is here :
6693 Samara volmet  1747 DSB with temps in Russian poor 1749 off
6695 voiice encrypted with mesages is heard as  like backwards sounds S3
6712 AFN with encoded text S3 //11175 operator in unIDed lang mixed with him on 6712
6617 russia volmet 1756 wather reports S1
4557  VoPeople > N Korea 1807 talks in Korean by OMand YL , S3 Also same level on 1930
4835 Australia  1931 signal about S2 mixed with local noise ,thus very difficult to listen . the second on the meter bans this time!

Logs 14/11/15

>>> R75 and 2 x16 m inv V 

11390  Marconi Radio has been heard only on  11389.5 in 1356 for only 5 minutes with poor signal
11070 CNR 1314 against SoH (?) with talks by woman Signal only S2 Also heard on 11500 on 1325 with S5 signal mentioning Muslims then with advert s.ON 1415  changed to 11505 still on 11070
9750 NHK 1329heard a Japanese song and discussions between man and woman S5 24323
9585 IRIB  1333 with news in Japanese and still on13459 S5 relatively under modulated
9526 VoINs 135 with songs and  English  program S7
7615 V of Wilderness 1425 QSY from 7420 with songs and woman with talsks in Korean 1429  wit ID “.. youshinnida“ 1431  referring Kim Yong Il S9
9835  RTM-S 1430 with lagu asli There is a FSK  QRM on the upper side part  of the frq S3
9825 double CNR jammer  1440 against VoA CC . off after 1500
4920 AIR 1440 th 2md station on the  air this time  on the 5 MHZ band ! S5 Other is 4980

Field meter bandscan of 15/11/15 with many pirates and more

.......including pirate listing and audio links
Using the tuned  magloop and DE1103 connected

11389.5 Marconi 0930+with a DX program mentioning  RNZI  and many other stations on MW and SW with fair signal , here is a recording ;
station has been  not noticed on 1038 neither on 1133 or 1205
ON my r75 with  2x16 or 16 H antenna there is no singificant signal  except a buzzer on -2 kHz

11500 CNR jammer against SOH  0947  fair
11520 EWTN?  0948 Talks  in English poor >>SEA
11580 B Stair  religious program in English poor
11630 CNR 17  talks in Kazakh 0949  poor
11885  XJPBS talks in Uigur 0949 fiar
15335  CRI in Russian with talks0953 good
21670 R Saudi Intl 0955 with  religious Muslim talks in Indoensian  Poor

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9485 EMR 0956 old music talks mentioning Catalonia  and ID Also on 6045  Both  poor signals
https://app.box.com/s/zji7z8j2h9b8jl9poghb1ehztlxz22oc    6045     Is heard on the audio after the 0550

6070 EART /DART on1000 with ID in German  and ood signal recording here

6095 KBC 1006 with old pop sogns  fair

7265 unknown 1010 man  in English ,music  poor

6955 unknown 1015 with song  poor

9470 ?? very poor signal with music*
9510 IRRS 1041 with religious program and YO with childish voice mentioning bible , Babylon   Good
9677  Ictimai 1043 with rap song  and on 1125 with turkic song fair and garbled
9705  Xinjiang PBS in kirgyz with Turkic songs fair

7475 ??1139 marginal*

9485 HLR 1204 with german song , low mike volume https://app.box.com/s/lofatzmpg7t4nca5mw328byglslk7rhp


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Logs 10-11-15

Very strong local QRN of S8  . R75  with noise blanker can ‘delete’ it quite well

6700L  crazy Greek amateur airing Greek song at1650
6729.9x SoH?? 1658  marginal signal  with YL with talks in Chinese  just audible over the local noise  and partial ID  heard ‘guangbo…. pudonghua diantai.  
6670  Italian pirate operators  on 1702 in QSO  one wof them mentioning 13970  Abbt 2-3  operators
4800 AIR 1707 with trad  Indian voiced songs (religious ? ) YL with talks in Hindi  S7 max 33423  then back to songs //4810 S5 //4910 S3
6290  poss R tango ? 1716  with old musics  of 50-60 eras style of Mancini etc At 1805  he played only intros
7730  on 1720 spur or image of a Chinese station , marginal signal
7540 Deewa 1725 in Pushtu mentioning Obama  with talks in English  superseded  by translation  Also  mention of Dushanbe S8
7520 V martyrs 1732  talks in Korean ith underground classical music S3
7230 CRI? 1739 discussions  in pres Amoy between several people with many mentions of Taiwan , song by male singer , ID? S6 With advert . audible till 1750  when IRIB started on the frq with nearly lcao signal S20-30
4009.8 Kyrgya R / Mirinichi 1759 with opers 1801 off  very poor  modulation
6617 Mskow or ?? Volmet in C+U  1926  YL with weather  reports and temps sudden s off 1930
6170 VoK 1930 with anthem then announcements in German  then a opera  for Kim Il Sung
9840 WHRI 1936 with  talks in English  S4 poor
9835  RTM S 1954 with signal max A5 and pop songs
9819.2 R 9/7 2006 possibly short ID , short guitar play  then talks by OM with phone in? S3
9770 AWR 2014 airing their address in French . Program  in afro language  with gospel songs S3
9745 Bahrain with Arabic songs  on USB @ca2018-20 . On LSB  there is a  very poor  signal from CRI with Chinese lessons
11856.2 Aparecida  2023 with songs and man mentioning Jesus in between , quite emphatic talks
12075 VoA 2000 with ID then man in Eng mentioning that  the next prg  will be in Hausa. Start of the program was with drum music
1467.4 IRIB ?  2038 with  news in Farsi mentioning Iran and countries of the region with suffix -istan .Best USB to avoid  poor QRM  from others
1053 Libya  2114  with mentions of many countries also England  then a program called Surati insani with low audio S10
9610 TRT 2159 in English 'aishiitaini' with a song to folow s20
11840 RHC 2205  news S7 with international news  mention of US Cua Venezuela Angola  //11760  S10 and bette audio
11730 BLR 2209 with news slightly undermod
11620  AIR with marginal signal/in //11670  good  with English program 

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Logs Sunday 8/11/15

7310 R Slovakia Intl 0704  ID with news in German S2
15480 Dandal Kura in Kununura (seems  as Amharic or Hausa  )0713  with song in Portuguese , many laughs .mentions of Nigeria S20
6070 R 292 0723 old pop songs S7 max on S3 QRN
6045 KBS 0724 old pop songs of 60 s talk sin Korean S9
7355 B Stair 0733 priest with religious  talks “ bible says’ S5
17530 RL 0737 abt Russian architecture S7 max
15135 CRI  0745 with  nonstop dancing songs ended with Spanish adios S10
11925 TRT 0810 short talks in TU and music in between S10
12055 CNR 17 KZ 0828 with short songs of awe including clip of ‘yesterday’ S7
12130 Mashaal 0853 in Pushtu afghan music , mixed with talks  ID 0854 S7/S2 QRN
12015 TRT spur 0855 with Turkish songs . ust S2 but disappeared
9810 CNR? 0902 with news  in CC , marginal
9990 Farda  0904 talks in Farsi  between 2 men and Persian  music S2

Logs sat 7.11.15

7265 EMR 0754 is just a carrier, less than marginal signal
7310 R700 0755  little better than 7265 but still marginal  0849 with a hot song  
7390 R Tirana0829 with talk in Albanian  and songs
6190 ?? 0908  with just carrier  no program sS5      >> (for Baltic radio )
4750 Bangladesh betar 1702  with news S5 tune in 1706 but off  
4765 Tajiks radio 1710 with news , mention of Tajikistan ID then with song S3
4930 Studio 7 (VoA)1715 in Swahili mentions of  Zambia Uganda  etc S5 35244
4980  Xinjian PBS 1718 discussions between om and YL with music underground S7
5010 AIR  Thiruvanatrapuram 1723  religious music S5 (back???)
5060 Xinjiang PBS 1724 with CC songs S9
4850 Xinjiang PBS 1725 KZ songs S5 poor audio?
9525 VoINS 1728 talks in Spanish  ID  mentioning Itunes S7
9660  Vatican radio ? 1735  religious themes  S5 max (mean S3 ) program the world of the lord , reading from Marcus . Not on 1755 . Portuguese prg  on 1800
7120  Somalia 1755 OM with talks in AR , news  and reports undermod  S7 , on 1800 as A9
6285 pirata 1811 with German songs S3
1251 Danko radio in Magyar  1923 with ID  audio quite overloaded , best using SSB . IN the next song  with proper modulation
11750  SLBC   1823  with a Tamil sounded song 1825  adverts 1825  talks abt Singapore then a Bollywood songs of 60s in Tamil  version  then s off 1830  >> this is Sinhala lang
+9715 ToM? 1907  religious prg Jesus Bible S2  >>BVB
548 Ukraine 1916  . in Russian S9
873 Moldova  ID on 1914 S9 @16 H
1089 Talksport  UK 1919 Om with soccer program (quite fast talks )S9 on the 16 H antenna best in SSB