Παρασκευή, 16 Μαρτίου 2018

LOGS OF 15th March

Usage R75 + 16 inv V
9820 ViA 1758 mentioning on American films in Farsi Deewa SXX
9720 Dmtse Erena 1759 talks in Armixed with local Amharic mantionof Dowliya then HoA musc S3 only echoed
9715 Voice of ?? 1801 "broadcast " , a song Vof ... S10 poss Bible Voice
9585 CNR 1805 news in CC S2
9525 Denge Walat 1806 prg in Kurdish 1807 ID as denge walat mentioning freqs , sat links three web pages and 3 phone numbers, Kurdish background music S40!
9660 Vatican 1812 piano music only for 7minutes then I left the freq  S3
6180.1 BBC 1819 HoA music man  , seems muslim talking S7 strong  QSB
6060 IRIB 1826  discussions between two men in arabic S10
7305 IRIB  1828 talks in Albanian mentioning about their program and their Android application , summer music, S10 no QSB (steady)
7325 CRI in Tajik 1831 (inja ...) with IS and ID then immediate headline news mentioning Merkel S20  Eibi shows farsi however

Τρίτη, 6 Μαρτίου 2018

OUudoor logs 3.3.17

Logs for this   sunday using degen 1103  tecsun 380  Slvercrest headphones with a handbrewed  mini SW loop. The 380  has been connected inductively with a wire around the loop circle adn conected into  380's  antenna for signal rating.

Antenna setup is here

text rewriten after   the  orig mesage has been  deletd by aacident  in the tablet>I am using  with a sturdy stiff  keyboard as the recent  kyboard was damaged by unknown  reason  So sory for the numerous  typos . Total Time  spent more than 2 hours!

15825 WWCR 1330 LUhrtenan stimation program  a max signal os52
17615 (27) //17625 (--) //15380  133x phine ins with uranic salutations then folks  snging into the phon line   Some aaudio drops
15130 Voiri 1342 in undermoodualted sgnal adn man speakig as  like being dead , SSB like audio . AR language GOOd
15205 CRI infrehnch 1346 cc lssongs  programFGood 62/19
15235 atme yatra 1347 inbamar dialect amen then  witha pop song 49/10
15480 1351 nice CC christian song the singr peaks his voice at thend of the song ,  alks by man  then the song vcenishes  into the ahses of the  local noise
15745 RFA in tibetan news by YL rffering to  canada  then  intomsuic with electonic paino and flute HIden soff
7570 VOK 1403  with funny guitar riffle inside a opera song as like th guitarist palys a rock song !English program 32/10
7555 AIR  1406 HINDI POP song mixed with FDM type QRM (aslik a strorm ) fair sig
7180 VoBM2 1410 femal  speaker withnews  in angola fair  signal
7220 CRI? 1413 woman with posibly erligious talks and many mentions of the word 'karegram' used mainly  in christian  stations A -religious - hindi  type song that uses dangdut type rythm Good  signal
9835 RTMSwk 1419  Also 11665 with diferen prgrma though  both used music . i as relaxed that time on the stair outdoor and listening to th music while musing ad smelling the smell of oak Swk's  then was with mre music stoped on 1430 with shosrt talks by man then ack in the nice rock musics. retune on 1530  wih sringr sigal to fair
9675 CRI 1426 Lao talks iabuot manila then  semitrad song background in the contnous talks o 1447 Fair
9695 --1445 prg in Hindi menioing  Islam mixing with arbic words thus a Koranic  prg GOod
4810 dnge KUrdistan 1450 viYER 30/15 iin paralel to 7520
9150 //9180 //9280  SoH  with nearly same above marginal  level  though 9280 is bit higher to oor at max . rfrences to Xinjiang and mao zhe dong
6050 serbuan pirate 1532 with trad or folk dongs

Τετάρτη, 14 Φεβρουαρίου 2018

Radio Logs for Radio Day '18

Using degen de1103 and 8m wire. Too much noise caused  by various  local sources So only good and strong  signals are audible with this  antenna.  

9825 CRI? 1356 taslk in CC  fair
9820 CNR 1357 adverts "Shen dolo an " Good
13845 BBC 1401 TALKS 1403 asdverts   1546  news  Good
13820 IRIB "idaatu Iran' with program  in Arabic Woman laer IDed once again in pompuous way Good
13765  Farda 1418 long ID  then a  song  fair
13605 AIR 1428 hindi songs 1432 a short mesage in Englisih then a prgram  with historical ?? inShimla Good
13655 Ashna VOA in Pushtu 1431 ID as Deewa (?) then talksA report on >general  Nicholson good siig
13670 RFI?1500 program in French fair
7510 FEBA 1728 IS of TWR 1730  states with hilife music then with ID three times   then mentioning freqs in scheduled Silte Good
12065 BBC 1731 is  the only amongs 7595 audible here  withprogra  in Amharic fair
15580 VoA?1909 talks in  Eng mentioning social media
11810  BBC 1916 discussion bteen  two  womenthen  afronews Good
12050 Dandal kura 1921 afro music  talks by a woman with heavvy toning on L consonant  again hilife song with style of Hornof Africa Good
9570 Firedrake 2028 trad CC music Good

Σάββατο, 10 Φεβρουαρίου 2018

while listening to atlantic ...this sat 10.2.18

while listening to atlantic ...this  sat 

6070 Atlantic via  germany 0900  man in french refering to the transmssion play of a pop song of 80s  ,mentioning freqs tels  etc i 'love rock and roll'well known old song 906  ID S7/S3 noise =qrn
6030  a very poor signal 0916 S2/S3 qrn  the only second on this band that time for here
17490 CRI 0909 talks on badung and jakarta, indo chinese relations S5
17615 S AR Holy Quran 10 man preaching S3 also 17570 on 0918
855//1215 (S5) RRomActualitata 0915 music program 'love4 u'then  'engola gay'  There are the only from Rom that time
9510 poss Radio City   0923 rox sxS2
9810  CNR 0924 talks by OM S1
11885 XJ.UI 0933 a turkish song YL talks inUI S2 only

Fast bandscan 02 morning LT / 10-2-18

---R75 16V inv as always plase feel discard mytypos--
4765  Dushabe 0022 talks and music S7
4775 tarma ? 0023 spanish talks S4  (two stations thisis the stronger  signal )
4800 CNR  0024 talks inCC S6
4820 XZ PBS 0024 cc talks  A5
4850 XJ PBS 0024 music SS7
4885 Para 0025 BR talks S5
4910 carrier supose India?S3
4949.6 Angola 0026 talks andmusic S4
4980 XJ UI 0026musi & talks S9
5025 Cuba 0027 talks S5
5040 Cuba 0027 sx S7
5060 XJBS CC 0028 talks A9
1377 poss CNR 0029!! marg /talks
1395 greek pirate 0030 !!!! old greek  folx
1639.8 slavic pirate in  qso  0030 Another on 1770
9420 ERA 0033 greek sogns S2
9820 CNR 0034 talkssgnal S3max
6205 dutch pirate Lazy Pi pop song with hoping freqs 0035 6200 ,6220,6210 and so on funny though. annoyng  but
6235  another dutch? pirate
1512 Devil  thessaloniki pirate with S10 signal
1566 greek pirate mixing  posibly with HLAZ S1

While trying to listen to Marconi R this Fri 9.2

But 7720 marconi  tsted  in various times from 1730  to arournd 1900 in many doses without signal

Remain logs :
7595 VoA 1738 talks in Pushtu S5 I2
7585 farda 1739 man  stronly voiced  infarsi S10
9835 SarawakFm 1740with S2 signal only A song
4980 Xinjiang  PBS song1744 S9
11745 S Arabia 1747 songs  S5 max
11930 RHC 1748IDovermusic S3 only 1800 covered by arabic station S10
12065  BBC (??) amharic with ID  S5 max  >>Oromo in eibi
7510  IBRA 1753  arab chants seems religious Christian  program S8
7485 1756 phone inwith Mr Nouri(?)  in Ar ,political comentrary on America Rusia adn Turkey>VoA
7465 BBC 1758  in farsi  metioning USA and Russia ID and moreafeter  the hour
7495 Deewa afghan music 1800 ID
7181 VoBM2 1804  man talking in ArabicS8
9820 Deewa 1804  //7495 just heard ID S10
9740 KBS  1808 continous talks in spanish on Korea S5

Κυριακή, 4 Φεβρουαρίου 2018

Logs for 3+4.2 big listing !!!

Saturday 3.2
Text  written   live on smartphone nearby the radio and  edited Sun in tablet -autocorrect off Use of DE1103  plus 8m extermal wire with much noise from varios local soures
9100 Eof Hope   2235 talks in Korean then song lead by y b singer then talks by woman  'hanging dili khz' mention of xinjang . Guite good signal
6110 station  IDs as [W]WCR  . tel number 'someone waits  you' .2230 a religious prg fair ee
9150 poor and  9180 fair SoH  with diff program  9180 yl
9325 rfa 2255 reports in Vietnamese.poor 50
9350 B Stair  2252 Abt a joint radio theatre usaradio com advertising.a talk religious
9405 FEBA  CC talks in cc 58 song she ye zhen shou ptg after  2300
9420 ERA 2202 semitrad songs  fair at max
9450 -- 2203 trad thai style sx.bamar type talks  mix with cc stn
9735 CRI in JJ 2208 mentioning Cuba  Discs e om Yl fair
7570 VoK 2314 korean operas good
7540  cnr 2325 or RFA Tibetan mixed with CRI inFR  good

Sunday 4.2 in R75+16V QRN level at S3-7
4810 no signal from Armenia on 0809 -Denge Kurd 7520 is  withS9
6070 0811  'super tran radio' then a rock song 0812  S5 max
7220 Bible Voice 0813 man  nearly as louging  hihehihe thenwithreligious  talksS9
7365  HCJB just marginal on a S5 local QRN
9880 CRI 0816 talks in CC Arginal
9830 CNR1  0817 poor
9745CU*   Bahrain 0819 marginal signal  and  Arabic songs
9420 ERA 0820 with traditional song S4

using 1103 adn 8m:
21670 Sa Intl  1008  religious progam in Indo  1010 news program asking contributions and giving adresses  tels   email etc good signal at best .from Suaimi.. Daud /Borneo LIstenrs Club  Ridi Hartono
15663  RFA 1050 talks in tibetan  then song @53
*CU carrier and USB

MW logs in short :Many freqs from Romania  aavailable this morning on 0830: 1494 S5  , 1593 RRA S2 ,1458 S5,1421 S?,1331 1153  S6  and also Magyar on 540 with S4

PIrates on 0825 (fast can )  1340(2) 1386 (9) 1431 UNi (10) 1449 Asigritos * (10)1476 Veteran  (8) 1506 (9)1520(20)1610  (5) 1621 (10)  1660(24) 1690 (10) 1850!! poss spur with songs  (2)
*He dedicated his progam to me  after i called his station on 10+
Another  operator  declared  on air that is program format is quite diferent from typcal standars  and drew many listeners adn later many other obbysits followed is format. one of his sectets are the use of quality songs of the older time.