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Logs for19.11

9820.0  Deewa.1856 with lang lessons marginal as max.Mention Paistan?Afghanistan.NOting on retune in 1906
9770 CRI in cantonese  1908 S7
9390 RTailand 1913  in Engish mention of Hokkaido ,playingmusic of Vivaldi andmenioninga  coop between China and Thailand
9860 Firedrake 1929 jaming  against RFA with nice traditional music.too muvh time to liste to  old chinese opera.
9800 VoA 1938 &34   wth very nice CC type pop songs that pass the  clock on 2000  talks in KOrean S4max
9700 Vatican1958  Ave Marias S2 max Somone adivseme that these  beggings are called Heil  Marys True ?
9730 VoVietnam 2000 ID/IS in Englishthen immediate talks by woman  <S3
6120  VoT 2006  publicadress of erdogan S7QSB2
6130 TWR SWZ 2004  signing off  with titles in PP S5
3876 operator usn USB!!! with QSO in PP 2015 Max S8
1512 ERA is off. Arabic station on 1949 with someone preaching S3

Logs for 18.11.17

9835 RTM-sarawak 1530 marginal
9820 CNR2  with signal S2 at1530 tallks
5060 Xinjiang PBS 1530 CC with news  S5 /3QRN
7570 VoK 1534 a hymn  then program  in English S3
12095  BBC 1532  at S9 with talks aboot Zimbabwe ALso on 15420 with max S9 mention onS Africa on 1536
15825 WWCR 1538  man with religious talks S3
6250 Echo of  Hope korean cland 1539talks in korean strong QRN ny noise,FSK carierand FDM S5 max
7225 CRI 1542 Bollysongs of 80's seems Amittabh then  talks inChinese and posilbe  lessonof Chinese
7510   V Martyrs Cland1552 talksin Korean .two CW marks on 900 HZ lower
7565  RJapan  1554 talks in Hindi by woman.Suden carrier that was transmiting  for about 2 secs of Chinese rpogram and then was  in a irregular  on-off state  for next 5 minutes  .This turned into CNR-1  jamer after1600.Another jammer also on 7580kHz
7495 Deewa in Dari(?) 1602 mentioning R France Balochistan Lebanon Rusia ID "de VoA deewa radio" S10
7435 S3  /7420 S10 CRi 1612 a drama play  in Engish
7405 BBC  1613  max of S2 with sports  program
12000 1614  a strange tansmitter  with more than 4 pulses per second ...
11790 BCB?  1616 Eng prgram on Holy Bible S20

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Logs for sat 11+12.11

Logs for sat   11.11  (times  missing but it's suxessive listing by time  )
9810 CRI 0828 poor
9715 SABC undermodded S7
9420 ERA greek  music S4
9470 ?? marginal
9873U QSO net in 0856 an unIDed lang seems as Portuguese but Ithink it is not. Here is a  sample that willbe kept for only a few days
9835 mixed  TTYm CNR and another poss RTM-S
9510 Rdio  city? 0916  ID
9440CRI 0918 marginal
9962  greek QSO 0920  harm of 11660.5 Captain

and for 12.11
7570 2343  tals in KO  S4
1566  2340 greek pirate with old song dedications
9565 Brazilian 2350 with S3

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While looking Marconi last Sunday

using  SDw loop  and  1103 conected with it with arbitrary typos Can u find them?

7700 Marconi heas been  tried more than  10 times during 1355 to 1550 without success Alsa nothing on Icom R75 16 inV on 1350

7625 VoWilderness  1415+  korean music fair
7565  BBC 1416 seeems religious talks in HIndi good
7530?? 1419 talks in CC poss CNR hammer poor (eibi shows RFA Burmese but langs are very different!)
7540 VoA1419 in korean ,talks by two men goof
11660 CRI 1422 man rhymed talks ending with...he Oldbolly songs of 60s butwith a religious toning ID1415
11705 TWR 1428 with prg in English withfreqs .poor suden s/off
7180+84 VoBM2 1438 in pres Amharic  poor
7510 TWR 1444 prg in KO with D fair
15150 14449  IDing as Samaad or Mid Al Sudan Good >>dabanga in Eibi
7730 SoH 1450 just a marignal signal CC talks
11665 Wai  Fm 1456  heard for just15secs till CRI starts in the freq ,poor CRi is with opera
11630 CNR17 1505 Kazakh as per Eibi with adverts poor,sonded to me as Uighur...
6090 Amhara radio ,1507 mixed with CNR fair
9865 Vivid Bharati 1515 talks in Hindi fair
9835 RTMSwak1516  fade in /poor
7120 Hargeias 1507 talx inAR babes talking  Good signal and good audio
6100 AfghanR 1537news in English poor
6070 DARC(?) via 292 1535 song 'always for you'  fair

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Weekend Logs y 21 Sat 08-09Z &22

1404 and 1008ERA  are  today  marginal.  Suppose they decreased their xmision power to below  than 1 KW.729 Ath is S3
6070 Atlantic 2k with signal S7 :0810 well known pop song 0813  Beatles? 0825 asereje
6190 HLR quite poor S5 over S3 localQRN with preamp0812  with german song lateNext a  songwith funy music  and man talking
7310 is not heard  neither a signal trace
7385 CRI0856  heard the english program then IS ID then progam in Romanian S20
9400 unIDed with carrier  till 0820 signal S7
9510 R City withS8 0810 with rock a roll song .ON??  man saying MUsic history of variety this is the only adible stationo that time on 31mb

9485 Sun  HLR  just marginal

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Clands reception (and not only)17/10....BIG LISTING

Clands reception (and not only)17/10....BIG LISTING
....using latest BCDX and  Ivo listings as referece  Very bad propagation after1830  Any entries with astrisk rare  consulted with Eibi listing

15205 Al Mukhtar 1541 disussions in ArS20 .1545 with Islamic program that turned then to talks in an unIDed  language Id on 1554 with program off .Buzz onthe freq
9965 S7 9685 S3 Nihon no kaze Man   talks in slow  korean 1554
15150 (10) 15550 (7) Dabanga refs to  Darfur Dabanga  1555 with many IDs
7525 V Martyrs taslk in korean 1601 mixed with english ,relig talks Poor QRM   from D Kurdistan7520 (good)
9180.02  SoH  1606 best among 9155 and 9280 TAlksby YLin seeming Amoy
17630 XoriyoOgaden 1609 talks by YL in Amharic .Noise jammer S10
6100 R Afghaniostan  1611was not in the  freq today.Istead   KCBS*  was airing Korean operas and sometimes  old Japanese songs Still  on the freq on  1800 Sometimes there was gap between songs  S3 max Not //6400
17730 Eye 1617 with news in arabic ID inside andanother as R Mehla1633 wth nes in English   .S7   Also1840 wth talks in Eng on marginal signal
9785 KBS* 1621  news discussions  in English refering to Korea and the political clashes  between Madrid and Barcelona S9@H S6@V antennas
6180 Deutscher Wetterdienst 1610-1630 withonly open carrier then sign off  S5
6400 Pyongang Pansong 1640 &1705 with operas Verygood mod and clear sound S5
6090  Shiokaze 1656 today with program in korean ixed with a station  in Ru .On1705  Amharic  (Amhara St Radio*)mixed with  Hausa (Kaduna) On 1910 signals are  just marginal
6120 Xinjiang 1726 trad music man with short talks  in p UI between  turkic songs 1729 ID 'burase Aisa Haelk 'S7 max
6180  IBRA*  1758  with talks in arabic and HoA music (Sudan/Eth)  1800 Soff  On 1802 with news in p Somali from BBC* .
6160 '6160' in Eng 1800  'YOu are listening to test transmission'  then a pop song Sigal up to S7
12050 Dandal Kura 1809 with news in Kanuri .mentions of NIgeria and "Lerde  America " (VoA?) Good
9990 RFA  1812 talks in a lang that  seems variation  of Korean S4 max
9775 R Romania INtl in German 1818 with tel number and web/email adresses  then with folk song S7
9660 R Vatican* 1823  in PP aboutQatar Doha and SomaliaS6
11930  Marti 1832 El miundo de information Cuba  martinews dotcom S9
9940   TWR 1835  with relig talks in  Lingala  .Names are reffered  in their orignal form as Kristos  Kirios(Mr) Atina (Athens) There was a geek orthodox mission in Zaire since 60s who more reecently  made a school.
7120 R Hargeisa1840 with  good modulation as rarity  for this station Man with talks S5

MW logs
1566 HLAZ heard today quite well on 1743 with S5 max . QRM from greek  pirate on 1564.5 S10
1521 with rusian talks 1746  S5
1512  Chania off
1690 &1674 two  slavic pirates  1741

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Logs for 5/10 :

...in Thessaloniki
7320 Denge Kurdistan 0755 with Turkishs ong -overloaded S20/ 7520 S3  godaudio
9650  R?? 0759   S2 max  with strng QRMfrom 9645 Romania
9510 Xinjiag PBS 0801 in UI  with several IDs S1@+10db preamp
9485 EMR 0805 wthjust a poor carier trace
9370  Farda Mashaal 0810 with  songs on 08+ ,short interval talks till 0810 with full talks in Farsi
9901  CW !  S2 on 0811

VoT on 11 MHz:11750 (20) //11675 (5)  &11795 (S10)

MWs :
on0815 + i havefond these freqs with greek amateurs on the MWband :
1224, 1267, 1287,1343 , 1368, 1385, 1458, 1503,1521,1557,1565, 1576,1610,1660 making splater,onallband
I have called to two of them for signal control for a voice QSL(thank you )
Also availabe:1341 Romania,1404 ERA ,1431 Uni,1595 Romania