Δευτέρα, 11 Ιουνίου 2018

Logs for Jun 10th

...usual system  and typos as writen in autocorect off  in a very slow tablet.HIghlights with bold letters.
S10 means  S9+10db

6070 for  Atlantic 2000  1902 with a song 'beutiful sunday' or same,  tals in French asking for QSLs an ID  SINPO .  a song with the voice of Bonie Tyler S9+10 db
9380 AIR now no signal What happens to them?
9635 BvB ID at 1914 with email S10
9620 AIR 1915 with a 80s Bolly song S4-5
15610 EWTN 1922 wth political news  fo USA S3
14740 !!  greek amateur in FM!!! 1925  modulation airing old greek songs S9! 
9515 PAB1935 a religious sstory about daniel --
9885 1941 arabic song with a manly chorus , YK talking after the song in arabic , then again the same male grop singing POss BBC as scheduled?
9920 R Tailand 1951 some adverts program refered tailand in prespective ,retune 2008 with german program
9818.8 R 9/7 with tals in Brazilian Portuguse S2 only
5905 DVD  2017 YL with numbers follwed by short text S10
6090 Amara? 2021 heard a song  of same of enka style but more intense as mixed with jazz style . the song is very funny. next song seems  rather Horn of Africa style that is also relatively funny A steady S9 signal
5505 Shannon 2036 with meteo S5
4960 VoA 2033 hiphop siong S10
5140 2034 old American song S7 (pirate? )

Τετάρτη, 6 Ιουνίου 2018

Logs for 4/6

usual  system.
9405 R Taiwan Intl ,man singing ID mentions of Israel 'nominated ??' max 35
11750 Sinhala City 1650 a tamil song a short description by the speaker 1656 ID w QRM 11745 S Arabia 1157  a romantic song then a 50s song
15360 Amara Dimts adio 1702 ID with instrumental  tune and mixed HoA  tunes that reminds  sarawak dangdut S20
15420 Oromo in Afar  1703 many mentions of amara oromo and somali
9720 Erena 1705 after a stop ID by woman wtith mentions in english a welcome then talks with many laughts
15245 VoKorea man and woman into news  inkorean  fdm stream is heard underneath S9
15225  1708 talk in AR  refering to Kurdistan 1724 adverts then dialogues >>SABC AA
9835 Rtm sarawak 1711 a rock song Better signal with the 16 H wire
7120 nothing Where s that ? 1714-5
7445 BBCWS //9410 @1719 about Prince william S1
7280 VoVietnam ? 1720  with news in VV S7
12120 Pilipinas 1730 S3 only
15170 AWR? 1733 adress in Beirut and arabic song that seems  religious  type S?
9970 RFA 1743 korean with very fast siren jamming underthat stoped on 1744  S7
11735 Tanzania 1755 Christian religious talks with  mentiosn to Jesus  Christ
9790  the siren jammer is alone on 1807  !!
9745 Bahrain 1810 with arab teaching
15110 Nigeria 1811 salam alaikum then hausa  songs Signal <6
15180 hausa song talks in hausa1815  Not //15110

Logs for 5.6.18

system : 1103  bolong and 380 with 8 m antenna the time we disactivated internet system due to lightnings
9650 unIDed poss IRIB? 1718 man with quranic paaaches ,poor audio. on 1900 with prg in French tiwas not easy to listen to a possible  ID the  time i listened.
9470 CRI RU 1721  mentioning  Qingdao  ID and email
9420 Xinjiang 1718 YL with soft talks sometimes mixin with american song clips God
9400 BBC 1732 BBC news on a beaty context  fair
9380 AIR 1734 wth news in English 1735 Hindi news . heard again after  20+  for more han 1 huors listening to nice Bolly songs fair signal . mostl with the bolong playing theantenna  nearby the radio which was overloaded as farf as it was over radio's antenna
9100 VoPpl to N Korea 1737 neary lost under the NK jammer fair
9065 Firedrake !! on 1738 wth poor signal . against SoH???
9790 is finally SABC in arabic as IDed by man on 1744 in //9890
7140 VoBM ? 1747 taslk in AR but poor. 7120 in cleat as 7180
7485 VoA 1953 wit english lessons in Korean VoA IS then news by KOrean man 42/15 in 380
7360 Vetican r 2005 program in Eng , about wastes  Zimbabwe ID 2008 . YL mentioning 'african news panorama'

Τρίτη, 5 Ιουνίου 2018

Logs for 3/6

using the personal  shortened  collection from Ivo's tips the previous 6 weeks Typical system
11885 XJPBS 1732 noticed instead of ChAfrica. talks presumalby  news S9
15360 Amara R 1734 talk by OM comtinous mentions on Amara  with many englsih words inbetween as business sponsors surely and commercial topic were rnoted in my log S20-30
11835 tamil radio 1735 heard tamil music man with  phone in with a woman inthe other end then back into tamil songs. S7 max Strong QRM from 11825 CNR S20 therefore best reception only in NB
7510 FEBA 1740 in as noticed Silte lang adn OM with p. religious retalks  S9
9910 (5) 12120 (8) PIlipinas //15190 ?? signal is marginal , talks on 1741-2
9830  1743 carrier with  signal of just S7 over the CNR Suppose DW waiting to start the Hausa pogram on 1800 as scheduled
9810  1748 "jesus is the asnwer for any need!' S10 >>>BVB EE (eibi info )
9490 1748 in arabic with religious talks qrmed by station's underground music and continuous mentions of Kitab (bible)S9 >>>BVB dardarsha 7
9790  1753  quran preaches mixed with  arab siren jamming Retune 1810-23  with a public  adress S9 signal over S5 siren jammer that stopped on1830  leving the station in clear NO ID all that time Posibly IRIB 14-17 with extended program
9650 1757 OM with talks in AR mixed with a  siren jammer ion AM mode S9 In eibi  also IRIB 14-17 though  program seems diferent then 9790
15700 VoA? 1807 with S30 in seemlnly amharic (eibi verifies it )mentioning  Africa Puntland Wall streeet trump Palestine Also  on 15640 arond 1+ sec ahead
7180 VoBM2 ?? 1814 with Horn of Africa song Signal S<6
9745 Bahrain 1825 just marginal with the local noise - S5 with 16  db.  Presume that whats heard is preaches.
9420 VoGreeece  with S20 signal with songs

Logs for 2/6

...using a short collection of new tips  from Ivo , system  adn typos as usual due to time short.
11680 KCBS Pyongyang 2126 with operas S3 only
11710 CNR 1 2127 with a po song /4800 /6000
11760 RHC 2128 OM with talks inSS about colombia , withlow mod 12000 withgood mod
11810 BBCWS 2129 abotu eurovivion , ID ten news  2230 pgram advert but bad audio (low trebles)
11855 fromBR 2132 mwn with religious talks in PP S4 only . many other brazilians are not audible this  time
9799.4 cairo 2141 with low level AM modulation and talsk in Eng mentioning FYROM S8
9530 Akbar Muhrifa 2145 with religious program in Hasssinya as per  tip S9
9380 AIR with bolywood songs on 2145  S5 max
1512 greek pirate int ERA's freq 2155 with greek 70's songs 'rebertiko' style No ID on 2200 S7
6200 Xizang PBS 2208 YL with tallks inTB S2 mix wih FSK
6250 VoP? to North Korea 2209 clart from the FDM carrier on nearly same freq S2
6205 and 6325 NL pirates 2216
9830 VoTurkey 2219 with ID and program on English S7 max
9490 XX 2223 talks in seemly Chinese very diferent to the well known chinese speakers from CRi/CNR>>>  LIght of life via MDG per Eibi

Τρίτη, 22 Μαΐου 2018

Logs of 13/5 Sunday

Please share the link to your frinds! 

typical R7 2x16H antennas
15215   AWR 1540 nutrition talks in HIndi mationing  sugar ans several fruits S9
15330 VoA 1544 ID with talk in Urdu  as menioned with referenes on Pakistan and Kurds S5
15825 WWCR 1551 seems in DSB  rather than AM Best using ECSS S7
9865 Vid Bharti 1552 with song talks about Boloywood S8
9870 CRI 1555  discussions in English  and laughs suden s.off 1556
9390  RFE RL 1558 with IS  and ID in various languages . prgram in turkmen S9 //11790
9425 VoKorea 1604 with program in german and hymn S9
11600 BStair 1609 he well known pastor with intense religious taks S5 poor audio
11645 VoK 1613 program  in Eng with newstalks in Nigeria Mali and other African countries S9 max
11900 CRi 1613 talks in Eng in a thatre  type show with a very sexy YL voice and a man  //11940 S20 abd 11965 S10
6400 Pyongyang pangsong 1643 with operas S4 max
9820  VoA  1712 in  kurdish mentions of Kurdistan S9

Please share the link to your frinds! 

7725.87 unknon pirate 1654 with old songs , i  recognized perhaps a rock and rocll after babebulbe no ID on 1700
6925 Italian QSO 1637 with S7
6655 a greek QSO 1639 adn then 6725 in a more noisey place
15620  -- 1547 Dx program in Englsih : asutralian radio and TV EXC summits iths yer in Bratislava on 30th august  adn Philipines DXC  S9 I stoped listening on 1551 to look for more stations. No entry in Eibi

Δευτέρα, 21 Μαΐου 2018

Logs for 17-19

1103+ 8 m antenna

9790  VoTurkey  1833 with news in Eng mentioing rohingas turkey  etc then ID local signal
9775 R Rom  Intl 1845 jazz musisc  german lang talks mention australia 'stick ontime' 1849  jaz song adn then ID Good
9770 CRi 1844 + 47 with talks in Russian and song Good
9740  KBS 1850 in spasnish long talks about he koran reconcilaition  Good
9730 ViViet 1855 in german  ,  ref to imigants in Gemany  1856 a carrier QRM the time VoV stoped progam ON 1859 a strong  signal with  CRI in portuguese

7140 VBOM 1731 HoA song  fair signal
7180 VoBM2 1732 HoA soing fair signal
11775 CRI 1800 after IS with ID in  german abd then news Good
11810 BBC 1805 n4ws in Eng reference to Congo fair
9860  KBS 0745 music then talks in korean Good
11675 TRT  0747 trad  turkish song